first post

I was going to write about my Imaginary Board of Advisors for my first post.  My initial intention was to write about daily inspirations and understandings as they come, but for the very first post I wanted to do something a bit special. My posts were going to be original ideas and thoughts.  What I didn’t want to do was to write: “I woke up depressed. What is the meaning of all these? Another day of boredom.” or something similar.  There are hundreds and thousands of blogs just like that, if not millions, and I can almost guarantee non-readership if I join the herd.

The first priority is to write and to write consistently. The second goal is to be true to myself in my writing.  If one was to write anonymously and still wearing a mask while writing, why bother to write at all? The third priority is to write well. My disadvantage here is that I write very slowly. After all, English is my second language. I admire people who could write eloquently and engagingly everyday.  In the financial world of my day job, I have the privilege of reading many reports each day from thought leaders in the industry.  Dennis Gartman’s daily Gartman Letter is usually 5-7 pages long.  Dave Rosenberg also has a daily letter about the same length.  Our FICC department used to send out beautifully written articles about the world FX markets daily. They had three people at the desk.  I liked one of the authors most and I could easily distinguish her writings from the other two authors.  Unfortunately, they no longer send those articles nowadays, presumably due to the pressure of selling structured products for the firm.  But that’s another story entirely.  And there is Art Cashin, whose daily publication is no more than 4 pages long, and it always starts with an “encore presentation” of a story from the past. His letter usually starts something like this: “On this day +1 in 1856, there was a certain gentleman in Virginia…”  I could mention more daily publications, but what’s the point?  There are many people who write regularly, frequently and well.  And I modeled my blog after these people.  Only if I could write better. These people write about topics in the world, past, present and future, that lead back to the financial market today. I will write about any topics in the world that has something to do with finding one’s passion and motivation. But I can’t start with 5000 words a day like some of my more prolific heroes, I don’t even want to set my initial goal at 500 words a day, for the fear of failing my first objective of writing daily. 300 words minimum should be acceptable, right?

What if I achieved my three priorities above but still have no readership? Well, then I will treat these posts as letters to my future self, the wiser and more capable version of me. So not all is lost.

Basically, all these rambling was my way of admitting that I almost failed my mission on the very first day, and that I had a very rocky start. After thought about the topic for this morning’s post, I went to bed just after 11 last night. But under the sigh of relief of the day’s accomplishments: obtained a blog name, set up the blog and wrote the About page, I picked up yet another Chinese online novel to read on my iPad. I was giggling in the darkness immersed in the story and was only able to turn it off when the clock hit 2:40 am. So this morning I woke up knowing the post would be late, and there was a real possibility of no post at all because my full busy day ahead at the office, and I felt a huge sense of failure. After all, this is my first post. How long can I last? Can I last at all?

I turned on the TV and Fox news says “If you just woke up it’s 7:46.  Good for you that you can wake up at 7:46 in the morning.”  These newscasters probably had to be up at 3 am.  And yes, for that I am grateful.


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