elevator or stairIt’s not a tombstone question. It’s not about finding who we are, what we meant to do in life and what our tombstones will display after we die. These are good topics to contemplate from time to time. But by all means we should not stop living just because we don’t have answers to these questions.

I have seen people live in great confidence. They don’t think; they do. And I, as an observer, could envisage writing illustrious eulogies for them already, though they are still young and still morphing into even greater beings as we speak.

What I tend to do is thinking too much, lumping all my desires and challenges together, and feeling hopeless as to what, if anything, I could do. It can be easily overwhelming and causing anxieties. One of my best traits, however, is the ability to escape from reality and immerse myself in a fantasy world. It has served me without fail since childhood and it is still my best weapon against my unnecessary apprehensions today.

Gratefully, I was inspired to separate my many hopes and desires and to only address one single item at a time. I was also encouraged to replace the time-wasting escape methods, such as reading a novel or watching a movie, to more productive ones, such as drawing, painting or playing a music instrument.

It was Valentine’s day yesterday and I felt content. TO LOVE AND BE LOVED. Isn’t that what we all want in life?

Author’s Note: Sorry for a short and delayed post. I had a day trip from 7a to 11p and was simply physically too tired to write anything.


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