to plan is to hope

While people may think that I have too many ideas, too many new plans, emphasize too much on painting a picture of where I want to be in the future, and not enough on execution in the present, I cherish every moment of planning. To plan is to hope. Do you have days and weeks that you are too busy with life’s daily demands that you don’t have time to think about planning at all? Conversely, do you have days and weeks that you are too unmotivated or depressed that you simply do not want to do or plan anything? I have both those days, alternating and frequent. Therefore, the days I plan are the days I’m not living in either extremes, and where my outlooks of the future are bright, and my perceptions of self are optimistic.

Yesterday was one of those days. And now I have a new plan for the rest of March. It is aggressive, but if I achieve 50% of the plan, I would still be better off than now. If you make a plan, be sure it is grandiose!

My March plan does not include trip planning to China, where I set to leave in 4 days. A year and half ago, I went on a trip where I did a lot of walking, sometimes 7, 8, 11 miles a day, and I was able to lose some weight. It all came back of course, creating not a V shape but a check-mark on the weight chart.  I hope I will do a lot of walking in China and reverse the weight trend…



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