day light saving

Knowing perfectly well that we will lose one hour to day light saving, and my body was tired from hiking earlier in the day, I hit the pillow around 11:30, ready to welcome the sweet obliviousness.

But old habits die hard, and my finger automatically clicked on yet another Chinese novel online on my iPad. Again I was not able to put it down. The book turned out to be one of the sadder types, where the two main characters were in love, but were too proud to confess their feelings to each other, and caused many misunderstandings and heartaches. Instead of the usual giggling under the quilt like a total idiot, I was crying for a change. I cried so hard, so completely and devotedly that I had to get up to grab paper tissues from the bathroom several times.

I was done with the book at 2am, oh no, at 3am with the time change. My self indulgence seemed to have no end in the horizon. Like many online novels of this kind, the story still has many holes and unconnected parts and reads more like a first draft rather than something that is publishable right away. But despite all the flaws, if it made me cry like that, it is definitely ready for the bookstore shelf somewhere. Indeed, the author mentioned that she had been contacted by a publisher and the traditional paper format of the book should be available soon.

And I, am happy to be the early reader who validates the publisher’s choice.


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