great firewall

You might have heard of the Great Wall of China, but do you know about the great firewall? I realized a few days ago that I will not have access to blogs in China. As capitalist as it can be, I sometimes forget that China is still ruled by the Communist Party. You can have as many McNuggets as you like, but if you want to have access to a blog, tough luck!

In any event, I have the choice of sending the daily updates via email, blind, as I will not be able to check its arrival or make any changes, or I can wait till I come back in 2 weeks and upload them all.

I’m afraid, however, if I decide to wait, I would wait on writing them too. I hate to break my daily posting trend. So let me commit to daily-posting-via-email for the moment, and please pardon the appearances!

Author’s note: in LAX, posting via iPhone



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