will try again

IMG_1196-002I said in my first post after my China trip that I was touched by the people and their authenticity. What I didn’t mention was that it had influenced the fiction story I’m writing. I wrote half of it last November and haven’t touched it since. Before the trip, I had planned to dedicate the month of April to writing the second half of the book, provided there were no unforeseeable events or trips. But with the new inspiration from the China trip, I now have to rewrite majority of the first half as well.

Because during this trip I realized one thing, that is people are more true, more constant, more ingenuous over there. Maybe that’s a way to cope with the changes that are happening in incredible speed around them everyday. I do not know the cause. Yet, I have noticed the difference, the deeper connection that was rare in my life in the States. I could be feeling this way because I’m an outsider, but I don’t think so, I don’t think I’m the only one who feels our lives need more true human connections in this ever digitalized age.

This is a roundabout way to say that I realized during the trip that if people behave so differently across the ocean even in today’s flattened world, the difference in human interactions must be a whole lot greater between modern days and historical times. And since my fiction is a historical romance, my characters would naturally be purer, more devoted and steadfast in love and less calculative and conniving in dealing with feelings. That is not to say the inner world of the characters are not as complex as their modern-day counterparts, just that a different environment could foster different ways of treating life, people and relationship.

Therefore, even though it would push my completion date further down the road, I still look forward to the rewriting.


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