superlight April posting – 4/30

1. daily novel writing: 3,000+ words in the past few days. Feeling great.
2. daily exercise: none what so ever. One could only do so much…
3. daily photo by iPhone: close up (below).
April is over. A whole new month is starting again. I’m busy doing this and that, and feeling happy for no particular reason.


MSG – Enhancing the Flavour of Intellectual Discourse

This post reminds me of a girl friend of mine complaining about having a headache after eating any kind of Asian food with me. Now I know it was just a way to make me feel bad…


I had my hair done and dressed up for an opera night last night. It is sad that most art forms today are not profitable via ticket sales. Opera is a typical example, and is said the whenever the curtain is up, the show starts to lose money. About 50% of the fund must be raised through patrons. Thus, last night I went to a fabulous gala, with good food, wine and company. The show was decent as well.
opera night


I’ve been thinking about the relationship between “opportunity” and “being ready”. People would say that one must be prepared, so that when opportunity knocks, one could rise up and seize the opportunity. I’m not sure that’s entirely true, especially the “seize” part. Maybe the right thing to do is to wait for the opportunity to come and grab you instead. I have no beef with the “being ready” part, though. Self-improvement through leaning and practice should always be a priority.
dress pattern (above)

new phone

I said to Siri: “Call Dad.”
Siri: “I don’t know who your Father is. In fact, I don’t know who you are!”

LOL. My contract is finally over, so I have upgraded my iPhone 4 to iPhone 5 today. Which means, it was the first time I have Siri in my life. Hubby says: “Geek.” Oh well.

Me: “Siri, close all applications.”
Siri: “I don’t close application.”
Me: “Siri, can you check Southwest flight status?”
Siri: “I don’t do flights.”
Me: “Siri, what’s playing on TV now?”
Siri: “I don’t work with TV.”
Me: “…”

Then I left home to pick up hubby at the airport.
Me: “Siri, where is the nearest gas station.”
Siri: “There are 5 gas stations near you….”
Me: “Just take me to the nearest one.”
Siri: “Turn right in 50 feet.”
We got to the gas station.
Me: “Siri, play some music.”
Green Day’s “Time of your Life” came up. Nice!
Me: “Now let’s go to the airport.”
Siri: “Go straight for 1 mile, then turn right.”
Me: “Please text my hubby to let him know I’m on my way.”
Siri – busy texting.
We were approaching the terminal.
Me: “Siri, call hubby.”
Siri: “…”
Me: “Siri?”
Siri: “…”
Siri: “Sorry. Please try again later.”
Me, silently: “But, I only asked you to multitask 3 things at the same time. Are you on strike on the first day of work?”
Siri, also silently: “Your hubby is not mine. I’m not calling him!”

Here are two pictures I took with my new phone:
view from my office window
my cat, whom I’ve been incredibly allergic to right now.

new resolve

IMG_2181-001This morning I was still wide awake at 1 am, when I checked my email and saw an exuberant and long note from a friend. She had bought a rural property in March, and was in high spirits about working on cleaning up the land, learning the agriculture codes and renovating the various sized cottages. What struck me most was the tone of her email. She seemed SO happy, and her happiness and love for life seemed to jump out of the screen. It was infectious. I felt happy and exuberant too for a moment. But I was also ashamed. For I have been in this gloomy mood lately. The point is – I have the free will to be happy, as happy as my friend working in her new farm. I have allowed myself to give up, to pity myself and to find excuses, so I could continue to stay melancholy. I should feel happy by working on my painting or my novel. Or if I choose to goof off and do nothing, I should be HAPPILY doing nothing.

The end of the month is near, and I promised my friend AK that I will email her each week chapter(s) of my book, so she will have the entire book by the year end. Let me start on preparing that now. And I will try not to treat it like a task, like I treat almost everything else in my life. I must remember that it was I who wanted to do this, and it will be fun. I’m picturing my friend cleaning out her land with a big smile on her face. And I will be just like her, very soon.