superlight April posting – 4/4

1. daily novel writing: 0 words so far.
2. daily exercise: walked on the beach 11-11:40a; walked in the park 7:30-8p.
3. daily photo by iPhone: seaside 2 (below)

notes: I realized that I had to toss away all my previous days’ work on my novel. Why? Because I was silly. It was the part of the novel where the protagonist planned a perfect escape from the city. And I wrote out the escape step by step. Only after I was done, I hit my forehead with my palm and realized that none of that was needed. All I had to do was to write about the search parties – what they discovered and what sent them on the wrong track! Needless to say this was a small setback. But that’s the writing process, isn’t it? You write some, you toss them away, you write some more…


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