light posting – 4/14

1. daily novel writing: none.

Why? Why? Why? Isn’t the purpose of these “light posts” to give myself more time writing my novel? But I had a good excuse today. A friend suggested to me that a musical called “A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder” would be helpful to me in developing my plot, and that I should go see it. As a ultimate procrastinator, I waited until the very last day and the very last show, and went to see it tonight. The show was fantastic. Though it has nothing to do with the novel I’m writing, I still enjoyed it very much. Still, I will count tonight as “novel research” time.

2. daily exercise: none.

What’s my excuse for that? Well, I had burned my face by forgetting to put on sun block on the first day of skiing, and I’m paying dearly for it now. My excuse for not exercising today was – my face hurts!

3. daily photo by iPhone: Yes, Yes, I did that! Whew… (see below)



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