i am here

IMG_2256-002It is interesting that people’ perception of me could be very different from my self-perception. Sometimes their versions were much better than my own. But occasionally, they got it very wrong.

When I was praised undeservingly, I always quick to correct them. And they all thought I was being too modest. When I was looked down upon, I was never eager to defend myself. Rather, I would disassociate with them and thrust them out of my life. What happens then if I was simply ignored, not being noticed, and not being center of the attention?

With the goggle burn on my face from my ski trip still visible, I was really happy to be invisible. But after being a Background Extra for a whole week, I am finally sick of it. So I admit. I like attention, prefer good ones, don’t like bad ones, but hate not to have any at all.


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