new phone

I said to Siri: “Call Dad.”
Siri: “I don’t know who your Father is. In fact, I don’t know who you are!”

LOL. My contract is finally over, so I have upgraded my iPhone 4 to iPhone 5 today. Which means, it was the first time I have Siri in my life. Hubby says: “Geek.” Oh well.

Me: “Siri, close all applications.”
Siri: “I don’t close application.”
Me: “Siri, can you check Southwest flight status?”
Siri: “I don’t do flights.”
Me: “Siri, what’s playing on TV now?”
Siri: “I don’t work with TV.”
Me: “…”

Then I left home to pick up hubby at the airport.
Me: “Siri, where is the nearest gas station.”
Siri: “There are 5 gas stations near you….”
Me: “Just take me to the nearest one.”
Siri: “Turn right in 50 feet.”
We got to the gas station.
Me: “Siri, play some music.”
Green Day’s “Time of your Life” came up. Nice!
Me: “Now let’s go to the airport.”
Siri: “Go straight for 1 mile, then turn right.”
Me: “Please text my hubby to let him know I’m on my way.”
Siri – busy texting.
We were approaching the terminal.
Me: “Siri, call hubby.”
Siri: “…”
Me: “Siri?”
Siri: “…”
Siri: “Sorry. Please try again later.”
Me, silently: “But, I only asked you to multitask 3 things at the same time. Are you on strike on the first day of work?”
Siri, also silently: “Your hubby is not mine. I’m not calling him!”

Here are two pictures I took with my new phone:
view from my office window
my cat, whom I’ve been incredibly allergic to right now.


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