layover in Minneapolis St. Paul

I got caught up at work, and called taxi 37 minutes later than planned. The taxi took an unusual long time to arrive and then drove like an maniac towards the airport without being told to do so. That part of the airport was always extremely crowded, and I was fully prepared to beg my way to the front of the line. But there was no line at all. No one was ahead of me at the check-in and the security. Where was everybody?? Well, what happened was that they had expanded one side of the airport, so everything was spacious and brand new. It still could not fully explain the emptiness, but I guess today might just be one of those light travel days.

I was going to have a long layover in Amsterdam, by design. I have passed through Amsterdam airport several times, but never stepped out of the airport to visit the city. So this time, I designed an 8 hours layover so that I could do a quick visit to the top 3 (my picks) spots. Unfortunately immediately after I stepped down from the plane I was told my flight was delayed for 2 hours. So now I stuck at Minneapolis and am having a local hoppy beer called Summit. Not half bad. I wasn’t planning on reporting any part of my trip until I come back. But since I have the time, why not.

You know where I’m going after Amsterdam? Israel and Jordan. So very excited!



6 thoughts on “layover in Minneapolis St. Paul

  1. Not sure why, but when I read this, I kept thinking of Mr. Bean’s Holiday 😛 Hoping the rest of your journey is smooth and worry-free.

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