Writing love with phone

This afternoon I visited the Elk Refuge in Jacksonhole, Wy. I took lots of photos with my phone, to the point where it might have been only 1% battery left before I got back to the hotel. With all these raw photos, I was initially a bit overwhelmed as to how and where to post them. 

As I played with the photos, I became more certain what I was looking for. I don’t care about “true” representation of what I saw in the real life. I only care about my “true” feelings at the moment when I look at the picture. 

Keep it playful. Keep it fun. I reminded myself. So what if I create some bad photos – it was how I felt the moment I created it, and that ought to be enough.

So I did this:

… where it was not snowing and cold.

And this: 

Where I felt the added artificial light beams give the photo addition dimension.

 And finally this:

… which I titled “Apollo Mission, galloping towards the sun”, where we all know the horse was not galloping and the orange/red sun was the result of digital editing.

But why would it matter? All these photos are true. They are very true to my feelings. And that is that.  


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