Wk 1/16, Day 3, P=4 A=4 T= 8

Week 1 of 16 of marathon training.

Day 3. Planned miles: 4, Actual miles: 4, Total miles for the week: 8.

I had an appointment around 10am in a place where I could run to, but I didn’t, as I knew if I didn’t run first thing in the morning, there was a good chance that I wouldn’t run at all that day.

I still had ton of trouble with my headset. I was using a different one from yesterday, and it was still not so good.

I also was having problems with my Fitbit app, it crashed like 5 times during the short run.

I saw birds and squirrels as usual, no surprises there, but the grass was freshly cut today and the park smelled good.

I ran at a slower pace, 11:30 minute/mile. I still had to walk the uphill. But the important thing is I that did the run.

My ideal weight that I decided for myself is 108. Yesterday after the run, I weighed 108.1, and I thought, “How perfect! Great way to start!!” And today after the run it was 108 even. Ok, it is even more perfect, even though I don’t believe “more perfect” is proper English. LOL.