Kissing in the rain




did today happen?

IMG_1317Today is a holiday for me, but not for hubby. I took him to the airport at 9a and picked him up at 6:30p. The whole time he was away working, I was in bed reading another online novel. The day simply disappeared, and I was in another dimension altogether.

I’m grateful for having the luxury of making a whole day disappear in my life, but this is not going to get me anywhere. It is the quarter end. It is time to reflect on my progress.

Once upon a time my life view was such that as long as I experienced life to its fullest, there was no need to have a goal. I used to think of life as a sailboat in the ocean, and as long as the sail was full, I should not care where the boat was going. That life view had served me well for many years, until one day I looked back and found my boat was floating alone in the middle of the ocean and I was idly waiting for the wind.

That’s when I realized that I needed motivation. I know I can achieve anything I want, if I want it enough. But what is worth wanting? What kind of love and passion can guide me from daydreaming to action? I do not know.

I have been seeking the answers ever since. This blog was one of the outcomes of this pursuit. Strictly speaking, if I have to evaluate against progress towards goal, utilization of time, etc, today is a very bad day. But in truth, it was a good one for me.

So what if I spent another day waiting for the wind?

do, thus appreciate

IMG_2092Countless examples I have, but too trivial to share. Putting my hands on the keyboard, tiny happy memories from just the past few days trickling into my mind, like raindrops falling off a leaf.

Aren’t lives made from the collage of memories?

Even the best daydreamers, and I can attest to the validity myself, would be better off “do” rather thanĀ “think”. Just as imagined fresh air, the smell of the vegetation on the mountain after the rain and the lightness of the body benefited from healthy blood circulation of physical activities, are no way in comparison to the real thing. To that, I thank hubby for dragging me out of bed to hike the Cowles Mountain this morning, making my experience real and not an illusion.

I wouldn’t have enjoyed a delicious dish with a perfect concoction of richness and freshness if I hadn’t ordered that unfamiliar item on the menu at lunch.

I wouldn’t be reading and appreciating my follow blogger’s insights, writing and visual art skills if I hadn’t dabbled in some of those things myself.

I wouldn’t be pleasantly surprised at every corner, noticing and appreciating some of the most obscure things in life, if I hadn’t tried to “do” something with my time.

Oh, how I love this feeling…