the 99th birthday

IMG_1383Maybe posting each morning is a bad idea, as I obviously is a night person. Yesterday morning I wrote a long post but hated it instantly, so I left for lunch without publishing it. The lunch was 3 1/2 hours long, and I was exhausted after I got back. I took a nap, got up and ate dinner, watched a bit TV and surfed around a bit on the net. And it was 10pm already. I was finally wide awake and feeling energized to write about my day. Of course I then wrote something entirely different from what was in my mind in the morning.

In any case there were many small and irritable things as usual during the day that were too tedious to describe here, so let’s skip them and go to something good. The above mentioned long luncheon was an alumni event, where I was almost always the youngest member. I’m really popular there, as my attendance brings down the average age of the group significantly. There are two ladies in the group, one has just reached 99 this past Monday, and the other one is about to reach 99 in a couple of weeks. Amazingly, both of them are still mentally sharp.

I cannot imagine a long life without healthy mental capacity. Honestly, if my mind goes, I would rather die. I like The Matrix the movie, and the Indian concept of Maya. If you tell me to run on the treadmill for an hour in order to extend my life for an hour, I would definitely refuse to do it. Even the exercise to longevity ratio goes to 200%, I’m still not sure whether I would want to waste 5 years on a treadmill in exchange for 10 more years of life. Especially if I don’t know what qualify of life the prolonged 10 years would be like. But if you tell me to cut down sugar because it would build a crust on the surface of the brain like the torched crème brûlée, I would definitely listen to you earnestly. It is no fun to be a zombie.