from parabolic to tribe searching

My morning of yesterday was like the one the Hawaiian guy had on Chinese New Year’s Day, it was light and full of small pleasantries. I read the following sentence in my morning financial related readings:

Sentiment has become extremely bullish but the up-moves don’t have a parabolic feel to them.

Nice, a good way of using the word “parabolic”.

Googling the use of the word “parabolic” in a sentence led me to the word “parabola”, then to Parabola Magazine. Over there, I read an article about the people who made the documentary movie Dakotas 38. The article mentioned a volunteer organization called Service Space ( so I surfed to its website. What really intrigued me about the site, besides the inspirational messages and the heart of giving, was that many of the “sub-projects” were started by a few people and had grown to sizable phenomena.

For example, the “Daily Good” started by a college student sending emails to five of his friends every day and now has 109,279 subscribers. The meditation group “Awakin” started by three friends sitting together every Wednesday night, and now have inspired similar groups all over the world, including in southern California where I live.

I don’t need to find an existing tribe. I could start a tribe of my own. All I need to do is to find 2 to 3 people in the world who are like me, and we could have our own tribe. If we could articulate who we are, maybe more people will join us. If we could not, we would still enjoy each other’s companionship. With technology and internet, one no longer needs to stay at one place to find like-minded people. So my mission is not impossible. I just need to surf more web!